Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I only lost....

So, I lost 1.6lbs this week.


On the one hand I don't think that's a bad amount to lose.

On the other I do because it's my first week and I still have a lot to lose.

I want it to come off quickly even though I know that the slower I go the healthier it is and the better my skin will look in the end. I'm just having a hard time keeping that in mind when I look in the mirror, get dressed, or step on the scale. I'm haunted by my pre-pregnancy weight. I want to slap myself for getting to this size again. I sound like a broken freaking record. A whiny poop head. I know this but I can't stop myself. I'm frustrated.

I'm fully aware that a lack of sleep contributes to a slower weight loss but that is out of my control. That will only get better as Ronan gets bigger. So, I guess i'll take the slower weight loss and move on. Remember that I am doing this to be healthier and more fit. Size and weight doesn't matter right now. Focus Becky. Focus.

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