Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Peanut's ultrasound

On Monday November 12th we had our "big appointment" that seems so far away when you first become pregnant

We were finding out if we are having a boy or a girl!

Now, truly the most important part of this appointment is to see my beautiful baby's spine, heart chambers, bladder, stomach, and brain. See that they are nice and healthy and developing beautifully. I'm glad to say that Peanut is nice and healthy. Oh, and a wee bit rambunctious. 

Anyhoo back to the HUGE news. The only news that people who aren't family really care about. BOY or GIRL?

I think i'll let my first baby goose tell you guys the good news. :)

Welcome to our family Ronan Nathan Henderson!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Why do I need a page?

I have a facebook page for OSC. I used to get some comments and some chit chat going on there but now it's mainly crickets. It got me thinking about why I have one. In the beginning of my journey it was a way to inspire others. In the middle of it it was for accountability and encouragement. Now? It just makes me sad. I really don't want to post things and have zero response. I already feel super awkward for having a weight loss page while pregnant. Yeah, i'll go back to weight loss after the baby but now I feel like those people don't deserve to share it with me. If you aren't going to support me in every stage of my life why do you get to celebrate victories? Why do you get to be nosy and look at my before/after pictures? Why do you get to share in giveaways that come from my own pocket?

I realized that what I need are friends. People who care about me and what i'm doing. I know there are those out there that say you can't expect that from online interactions but i've seen friendships develop between people online all the time. Bloggers and readers, gamers, long lost friends, etc. If you care, or want to care, it will happen. I thought that it was just me but I have to remember that I can only BE me. I can't be anyone else. If others don't like that then I have to accept it and move on. Maybe it's just not my niche. That's ok. It won't change the fact that I have a journey to complete. It won't change the fact that I want to be a role model to my family. It won't change the fact that I have a desire to be healthy.

So, I haven't decided anything yet but I will soon. I don't want to be sad every time I get online. I don't want to feel discouraged about being me. I don't want to feel like i've done something wrong. As always I hope you guys are doing well and staying strong! Only 3 more days until my ultrasound! XO~Bex

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pregnancy and exercise

Ok, i'm silly nervous about exercising while pregnant. I know that's silly but I don't want to do anything to harm my precious growing baby. However, I don't want to continue to be sedate all day. I need to get back to exercising and staying healthy. I know that will help me and the baby. This week my goal is to ride the stationary bike three times for 30 minutes. A far cry from what I used to do but I don't really care. It's something and it will be helpful. I'm also going to start tracking my food again. Not to lose weight of course but to make sure that i'm getting all the foods I need. I'm almost half way through my pregnancy but I really want this last half to be healthy, fit, and happy. If you have any exercise suggestions feel free to tell me about them. I love to try new things. I'm sure i'll fit yoga in there somewhere too. Stay strong!