Thursday, April 5, 2012

Measure and motivation

There's nothing that can build you up and/or tear you down like clothes shopping.

I used to despise shopping. It just meant that I had to buy yet another size bigger and that folks was downright depressing.

Today I went shopping with my friend Mary. (check out her awesome blog) While not everything I tried on fit, the majority did and I felt great. If this is what (almost) 30lbs gets me I can't wait for the next 30lbs to drop off. I have been struggling with seeing my weight loss. All this shopping really reinforced the fact that I have lost weight and do look better. It also gave me even more motivation to continue in my journey. There are so many cute things out there! I was able to see past the imperfections for the first time and see my hard work. That my friends is HUGE!

If you are on your journey, don't hesitate to go clothes shopping. You can do it on a budget! I went thrifting at Goodwill and Plato's Closet. Super cheap and super cute clothes. New clothes, no matter the size because every manufacturer runs differently, will help you measure your progress and help you to see your hard work. It helps to have a complimentary friend a long for the ride. (Thanks Mary!)

I say that the better you feel about the outside the better you feel on the inside. No, it's not all about the outside but who doesn't have a bounce in their step while wearing a pretty dress/shirt/skirt/coat? Getting out of my "fat" clothes motivates me and is so rewarding. I felt great today while wearing new clothes in a smaller size. I know that you will too.

Take a leap of faith and go get something smaller to wear. You will be amazed at how great you feel and how motivated you are to continue your journey. Take a friend with you and have fun with it. Never forget to enjoy this journey. You are creating yourself and everyday is a gift!

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