Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Aren't updates fun? I love hearing about what people are doing and how they are doing. Good or bad. I like being involved in people's lives. I guess that is why I was attracted to starting a blog and a facebook page in the first place. It's a great way for me to involve people in my life and vice versa. A way to find like minded individuals who give a crap about what i'm eating or how i'm exercising.

As of today I am down 5.8lbs. Not too shabby me thinks. My stamina is coming back as well. The first Turbo Fire dvd I did when starting back last Monday was rough. And by rough I mean I thought I was going to puke and then pass out and then puke some more. Not a good combo really. I pushed through though and today I got through my dvd without any feelings of pukage or spontaneous falling down. Progress at it's finest!

I've spoken over and over again about what a mental challenge this is. I'm going to say it again. It wasn't the physical change that had me scared. It was the mental. We all want our bodies to look better. A little sweat and muscle soreness is going to be par for the course. It's our mental blocks that are hard to overcome. I'm used to being overweight. The fat is a security blanket of sorts. So, while i'm shedding the pounds again the biggest thing i'll be shedding is the mental blocks. The habits that i've put into place that have kept me heavy. The attitudes that have hidden my potential. I'll be so happy to update you guys on all the negativity and bad behavior i'm shedding.

For now, the biggest hurdle i've overcome this week is negative mindset about being back at this weight. Being mad at my body for getting pregnant and gaining the weight. I decided to change that negative attitude to a positive one. My body gave me my beautiful baby boy. My body went through a tough pregnancy and delivery and came out the other side. My body is able to do tough workouts and keep up with crazy 100lb Chalene Johnson. My body did something amazing in creating life and I will not punish it for that. I will celebrate it. So what if I have to lose a few pounds? I got something so much better in return.

Those are my updates! I hope you guys are staying strong. Never forget that a positive mindset will help you go further than a negative one. Appreciate your body at every stage. ~Bex

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